About us

Welcome to our site.

Richard, I and the frenchies live since November 2011 in the Drentse Emmer-Compascuum.
All our frenchies playing lot in the garden,and have a lot of fun in house.

I'm Conny and am the pivot behind Co Di CheFay's.
Since I can remember I am crazy about animals and can also me not imagine life without animals.
Our life is in the sign of the frenchies, this requires a lot of time and care.
I am home full-time and take all care with lots of love on me :-)
I care that the dogs have fun and here at home everything remains go on
So I answered all questions by mail and telephone.
I keep the website up to date :-)
I keep the contacts with other (foreign) breeders and keep me busy with the breeding.
My aim is to breed provide a healthy, sweet and beautiful French bulldog ,
for Richard a dear hugbull,for Cherelle a showbull, and for me, Happy owners :-)

Richard find the frenchies great, but stays outside all breeding and show happen.
One day show should take him too long and is much too boring, and of all those bloodlines and types he know nothing at all.
He is more the hugger and a lovely pillow on the couch:-)
Richard is very useful and make our old house into our small Palace :-)
Not only for us, but also for the frenchies get it here a "Buldorado"!
We have plans enough, give us a little bit time..... ;-)

Cherelle is my daughter and is also fond of the frenchies.
She like goes to show with the frenchies in Holland and other countries.
For me it is very nice that the frenchies be seen, they show not without success!
Chudo us male lives with her and get pampered :-).

I wish you much fun on our site.

For more information you can contact me at

or by phone 0031/591-532466