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Bully's in the media


The magazine WEET! asked me whether I liked their magazine for a piece of writing about the French Bulldog.
It was an informative piece for people who do not know the race.
Even i could place my photos there.
I found this ofcourse very fun and a great honor that they ask me! :-)
It's very nice to see your dogs in a magazine !
In January 2009 was the article in their magazine,and I am very proud!


About Animals

For the magazine about animals, our bully's modeled the information book "The French Bulldog".
This book provides information about purchasing,feeding, care, education, and reproductive health of the French Bulldog .
Photos of Dino, Kimba, Penelope, Disney, Diddle, Evy, and our A litter are found in.
The photographer has visited three times our bulls to photo engraving.
About animals have also released a calendar of 2009,here are some of our bully's in the set .
Evy is on the cover of the pocket book and their quarterly magazine.

Fotoshoot About Animals

About Animals.


Esther the boss of Akria (Dino x Kimba)had a picture of Isa, Akira, Evy en Darcy
to the dog Dog Life magazine sent.
This picture was in November 2008 in the magazine.

Web-log Isa en Akira.

Calendar 2008 of LadyBirds

Armanda (LadyBirds) approached me to ask whether Disney and Penelope model could represent her bulldogs calendar 2008.
Armanda can make great pictures and I found it very nice that Armanda my bully's wanted photo engraving.
Because when Armanda came i also the A litter has, the pups were also in the calendar.
Armanda has making many beautiful pictures that you can see in these maps.
Picthers Disney and Penelope & Picthers A litter