Today we make a ultrasound by Uraya, and YESSS she is pregnant by our Iggy!.

At Puppy news/expected you can find all the information".

We want to show you our new boy "Renuar Willie Walker".
All information about Willie, look on his own page".
Click for Picture's & Pedigree & Showresults

Bulldog Family Show Zutphen.
Judge Franse bulldog :
Jacqueline Stoelwinder.
Judge Beste Hoofd / Best in Show
Jacqueline Stoelwinder, Bob-Natas Cooperdale en Patrick Molenaar.
Battia Boldog Bully Maximillian Aka Jones.
Best male - BOB- Best in Show en mooiste hoofd!

We are very proud of our boy!.

Today we have take our Tica to the vet for a general medical examination.
Tica have pass the test well and will as soon as she get in heat a date!
Klik hier voor Foto's & Stamboom & Showuitslagen
Hilda become a mother on 09-10-2017 moeder of 2 boys and 1 girl.
Unfortunately, the girl become not older than 1 day old.
Luckily, the 2 boys are very well and grow very fast.

More news at puppy news/available

Today our dear Bella died on a age of 11 years.
We're going to miss this girl very mutch.

R.I.P. Bella

Today become Pandora mother of 3 boys and 5 girls!!

Pandora and het babys are doing well

Finally back after a long time the website updated.
On the page Our Frenchies we present you our new girls Tica, Raya and Viva.

And our two new boys Daddy and Jones

We are very proud of our young generation
Also the page puppies bred by us/updated recently, we're going to do our best to keep the website up to date!!

Cherelle is with Jack and Pandora this weekend been to the 2 day show in Blijswijk, and not without success!
Saturday got Jack of Judge mw. Maria Harding (GB) a 3rd place.
Pandora got a nice 2nd place.

Sunday was Judge Dhr. P van Montfoort in the ring and this gave Jack a beautiful 1st place with an Excellent!
Pandora got a nice 3rd place with an Excellent.

I am of course very proud

The last show this year for Cherelle with Jack and Pandora
This time the WINNER in Amsterdam with judges: Females: Dhr D. van Raamsdonk (BE) and Males: Dhr V. van Raamsdonk (BE)
Our Co Di Chefay's Prinsses Pandora and Blanc Cherry Joy (Jack) both get a Excellent!!

Also Cherelle again participated the couple class, it was great to see!!

So proud

More shownews of our Jack and Pandora
This time Cherelle get to the Dogachtigge show in Den Bosh with judges Mevr. A. Posthof (DE)
Our Co Di Chefay's Prinsses Pandora stood in a large class with 13 females, Pandora has gotten a Excellent.
Blanc Cherry Joy (Jack) stood in thr open class with 11 males, Jack got the 1ste place with a Excellend and the reseve CAC!!

Also Cherelle for the first time partisipated the couple class, it was a fun experience!

I am very proud of all three of them

Cherelle have go to the show with Pandora and Jack
This time to the Dogshow in Bleiswijk with judges Dhr. F. Wildeman (GB)
Our Co Di Chefay's Prinsses Pandora become the best female and get het first CAC!!
Blanc Cherry Joy (Jack) get the second place with a Excellent!!

I am very proud!

Jolie become a mother of 2 males and 4 females
Mother and puppies doing well, all puppies reserved

This weekend we are with Dora to the show by the KCD Dorderecht,Moniqeu was there also with Eva(Co Di CheFay's Pretty Polly) and Majo and Tinus with Panda (Co Di CheFay's Petit Panda)
It was a great day and the puppies have it all done a great job, I'm proud of them

Hilda is become mother of 2 beautiful sons
Hilda and the boys do well, You can find more information in Puppies/available

Jolie has had a date with Ali Baba
And she is pregnant, she expected in late June her puppies

At puppy news/expect more info

What girl can say that they had a date with Kurt Cobain?
Our Hilda!!!!

Now we hope that this has been a fruitful date

At puppy news/expect more info

We are proud to present our new girls:
Co Di CheFay's Pretty Polly and Co Di CheFay's Prinsses Pandora

Soon the girls get their own page

Jolie is go at the vet for her medical examination and the inspection has endured,she will be used in our breedingprogam,we hope she will get her first litter this summer .

I have gotten of different owners photos of our "puppies"
Also of the puppies from our last litter now living at their new owners.

Co Di CheFay's Billy Petit GallyCo Di CheFay's Next Navy

Co Di CheFay's Oma's Oogappeltje Co Di CheFay's Nasty Nola

Co Di CheFay's Nugget Noodle Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana

Co Di CheFay's Oepsie Oinky, Co Di CheFay's Ozo Oilily and Co Di CheFay's Naughty Nanny

Co Di CheFay's Petit Panda Co Di CheFay's Quickley Qbuzz

Co Di CheFay's Prins Perfect Co Di CheFay's Piet Piraat

All owners thank you so much for the photos!

Happy new year!!