We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a great 2012!

Babe become a mother of 6 beautiful puppies!!

Mother and puppies are doing well!
More info by Puppienews

Babe 8 weeks pregnant
The last week of Babe her pregnancy is now entered :-)

There get now exciting and busy times, we love it!

The forest in Emmen
Now we live longer here, we go on what research :-)
We now have found a very nice forest where we dayly with the dogs can go walking.
Its 5 minuts from our home and very big, so we have a lot to see!.
Cherelle and Denice come viset us with Chudo and Faith (Co Di CheFay's Excellent Esprit) and I show them that beautiful place :-)
Cherelle and Denice have make nice photos of the frenchies and I also go regularly walking to the beautiful spots with the frenchies and make photos :-)
This photos I place in a new photo album "The forest in Emmen" on the main photo page.
Foto's "Bos Emmen"
Click on the photo to go to the album.

Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana has done it again!!
This weekend has Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana to the Winner 2011 and Finnish Winner show 2011 in Helsinki in Finland gone.
and Inca was both times rewarded with the best puppy of breed!!
This is 3 shows in succession BOB Puppy!
Wauw Iam so proud of that little girl!! :-)

Inca is a daughter of Co Di CheFay's Enjoy Erotica and Stormee Janoel
Peter and Brigitte Congratulations with this great result!!
We are very proud of you!

Added new page, "about us", it was ever time that we proposed :-)

At all Frenchies new photos posted in their photo albums.
And in the new album of us home in Drenthe :-)

Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana on the Winner in Amsterdam
This weekend was the biggest show of the year, the Winner of the RAI in Amsterdam.
There was one Co Di CheFay's bull along, Co Di CheFay Inca Indiana came all the way from Denmark to join.
For Inca this was her first show and was in a tough class with 10 puppies females in were.
Inca has done very well and became the best puppy female!
Later, she also won from the best puppy male and Inca wast rewarded with the best puppy of the breed!!

Inca is a daughter of Co Di CheFay's Enjoy Erotica and Stormee Janoel
Peter and Brigitte Congratulations with this great result!!
We are very proud of you!

Puppies espected
Our Babe is pregnant of Neo!!

More info by puppienews :-)

Visit from Gouda
It's time for some fun to say.
After this difficult start in Drenthe,we manage more and more to enjoy the little things :-)
This weekend we had a visit from Denice, Cherelle and Daniel:-)
The sun shining lovely and we enjoy the garden.
The dogs and puppies were cuddled all day and enjoyed it clearly :-)
Cherelle and Denice have many pictures that I want to show.
On the main Photos page I created a new album, which I place pictures of our new house.
Click on the photo to see the album.
Foto's van "De Wal"
Cherelle, Denice and Daniël, thanks for the great day!!!

R.I.P. Habibi
It is unbelievable, two young girls in 1.5 weeks deceased :-(
How can this, and why???
I have no words for this......

Sweet Habibi,I still can not believe you not here anymore....
You were a perfect bullygirl, so sweet and funny and beautiful......
You're now with your aunt Enjoy...We miss you tremendously and will never forget you.
Rest in Pease little girl....

New page place on the website "Memoriam"

Our dream began with a nightmare.....
During the journey to our new house, our Enjoy deceased :-(
Our grief is indescribable, how could this happen?
We have long been looking forward to this day, to see the dogs running and playing in the garden.
This was our dream, its so incredible, and so unfair that Enjoy it never been allowed to see :-(
We miss her so much, how can we go now enjoy without her.
Time heals all wounds they say, we hope that the time goos very fast......

Sweet Enjoy, you were one from the litter of eleven, it was at birth love at first sight.
We were so in love with you, you were so beautiful, so full of energy and always full of antics
Girl, its just not fair, you must also have to run and play here.
Now you lie here in the garden, you have got a nice spot for us, but this had never happend
Rest in Peace sweety.......

Change of address!
For years I dream of a detached house with a big garden,This dream is now reality!!
On 5 November we move to Emmer-Compascuum :-)The greatest preparations have we done and everything is now ready to live there with the dogs :-)

I want to thank Cherelle and Denice for the care of dogs and puppies while we were working on the new house, without your help we were never able to do so quickly!!

Happy become a mother of 3 beautiful puppies!!

Mother and puppies are doing well!
More info by Puppienews

Fifty-Fifty can fly!

Martina give me this picture of Co Di CheFay's Fifty-Fifty :-)
Martina let the frenchies fly :-)
Kennel Sweet Crazy Bulls

A special boy

This is Co Di CheFay's Hardbreaker Hero for us this is a very special boy :-)
From his birth he would not drink by his mother Bella and were therefore bottle-fed.
This was not so easy, the boy drank, but did not grow :-(
With four weeks this boy weighing just 500 grams!
But miraculously, he was suddenly starting to growth and he weighed 4 pounds in 9 weeks :-)
He is now 10 months old and evolved into a great (healthy) guy of more than 22 pounds! :-)
We pay it whit our blood, sweat and tears, but what am I proud of our little HERO!!!
Deborah thank you so mutch for the good care of this special boy!!

Puppies espected
Our Happy is pregnant of our Chudo!!

More info by puppynews :-)

Show AHOY Rotterdam
Today we go with Producer iz Palevyh Buldogov (Chudo), Co Di CheFay's Funny Flügel (Funny) and Co Di CheFay's Femme Fatale (Molly) to the show in the AHOY in Rotterdam.
Chudo were in the Yought class which 11 males in were.
Chudo has done his best and he was placed second with an Excellent! :-)
Funny and Molly stood together in the Yought class where a total of 23 females were.
Funny was handled by Denice, who has done very well for the first time!, Denice thanks!!
Funny and Molly both get a Very Good :-)
I am again very proud of all!

On visit by the French Bulldog Kennel Bullcy in Cyprus

During our holiday in Cyprus we visited Savvas Christou of the French Bulldog Kennel Bullcy.
We are warmly received,we have a few pleasant days spent togetter .
They have show us much of their country, and let taste us the good food of Cyprus :-)
And ofcourse we have a lot of talk about Frenchies ;-)
Savvas, Danny and kids,thank you so mutch for your hospitality, we really enjoyed!
We hope to see you soon in the Netherlands ;-)
More about Savvas and his beautiful frenchies on this webpage Bullcy

Co Di CheFay's puppies
I have received pictures of different puppie-owners of their "puppies" :-)

Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana Co Di CheFay's Idol IllusionCo Di CheFay's Irresistible Indy

Co Di CheFay's Hoppla Holly Co Di CheFay's Hooligan Harvey Co Di CheFay's Hippy Homer

Co Di CheFay's Golden Girl Ginger Co Di CheFay's Gentle Guy GangsterCo Di CheFay's Amazing Akira

Co Di CheFay's Charming Cherie en Evy Co Di CheFay's Fifty Fifty Co Di CheFay's Excellent Esprit

Co Di CheFay's Fabulous Fabian Co Di CheFay's Billy petit gallyCo Di CheFay's Glamour Girl Gipsy

They all look fabulous!, I am very proud of them :-)
All owners thank you so mutch for the good care! :-)
The Offspring page updated

World Dog Show Paris
Last weekend Cherelle, my friends Esther and Martina and me traveled to Paris.
There where 2 shows in one weekend, Saturday the Championnat de France and Sunday the "WORLD DOG SHOW"
Saturday we arrived too late for the class of Chudo and we could not show him (We were once lost....)
Funny was in Junior class with 10 other pied girls
Funny has received an Excellent and could stay until the last 5 girls.
Unfortunately she are not placed, but we are very proud of her :-)

Sunday is the World Dog Show
A total of 370 registered Frenchies, including our Funny and Chudo :-)
Luckily we were on time and could Cherelle show Chudo.
Chudo was in the Junior class with 29 other young brindle boys!
Chudo has received an Excellent, which we are very happy!
Funny was in Junior class with 14 other pied junior girls.
Funny wast again rewarded with an Excellent :-)
It is needless to say I am very proud!!

Martina has Frustyle Neo Star Lander and Blance Noirs Halger (Spirit) the son of Yaris with her.
Spirit has done his best and got a Very Good,Neo did a good job and the first day was a fourth placing with an Excellent,and the second day he was placed third with an Excellent :-)
We are very proud of this boy, it was his first time on show :-)

Heiko, a good friend of Martina has also been along and has made many nice pictures.
Heiko thanks for the pictures!! More about Heiko and his bullys on this website John-Five

Also, I have made some pictures that I want to show, I combine them with the pictures of Heiko in this folder . Pictures Paris
It was a very pleasant weekend, I have seen many beautiful dogs and nice people to talk :-)
Esther, Martina, Heiko and Cherelle, Thanks for this great weekend!, up to WDS 2012 in Salzburg!!!

Co Di CheFay's Incredible Iggy
We proudly present our new boy to you "Co Di CheFay's Incredible Iggy" :-)

More info about Iggy, look by our frenchies.

Habibi have her own page, look by our frenchies.
Puppie page updated.

Co Di CheFay's Fantasy Faya our first CHAMPION! :-)
Now its oficial, Co Di CheFay's Fantasy Faya is Thailand Champion!
We are very proud off Faya!

Faya is not only beautifull, but also very smart,look to this movie :-) No Treats...No Tricks...
Faya is spioled by Ekchan and Winree in Thailand.
Ekchan and Winree CONCRATULATIONS with your CHAMPION!! and thank you for the good care off Faya :-)

ClubMatch Rotterdam
Chudo and Heaven where going to the ClubMatch off KC Rotterdam.
Both were in the puppieclass and both get the first place :-)

Heaven was the onley puppie female and clearly showed that they do not like show, therefore this was her first and last time in the ring ;-)

Co Di CheFay's Fifty-Fifty came to vesit us :-)
Martina is to vesit us and had taken Fifty-Fifty.
Fifty-Fifty obviously had a picture with her sisters Molly and Funny, her mother Babe and grandmother Bella :-)
Kennel Sweet Crazy Bulls

Proudly presenting Martina and me, our new little girl "Habibi"

Habibi is daughter off Absolut iz Palevyh Buldogov and Co Di CheFay's Excellent Esprit
Soon get Habibi her own page

FCI Jahrhundertsieger & VDH Europasiegershow in Dortmund Duitsland
This weekend has Cherelle a show with Funny and Chudo in Dortmund
Friday was the FCI Jahrhundertsieger Funny got a nice 2nd place Excellent! and Cudo got also a 2e placed and a Very Prommising :-)
Saturday was the VDH Europasiegershow there got Funny a Very Good and Chudo got a 1e placed and a Very Prommising:-))

Cherelle,you did a great job ! I'm very proud of you :-)

Co Di CheFay's Hoppla Holly for the first time go to a show in Sweden Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen
Holly has done a great job,she is rewarded with a Exellent, BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-4 for puppies 4-6 month.

Ingrid concratulations! We are very proud off you :-)

Our Chudo 7 months old today :-)

We are very happy with him :-)

Enjoy become a mother of 4 beautifull puppies!!!

Mother and puppies are well!
More info by puppynews

Recently we've been go to Germany to visit Martina of the French Bulldogkennel Sweet Crazy Bulls. Babe was also there to visit her daughter Fifty Fifty, Martina make nice pictres of them :-)

I got also some nice pictures of Abbu, the father of us G and H litter

Martina thanks a lot for the nice days and the beautiful pictures, I see you soon!

I have get some pictures from different Bulldogs
Of Robin I get pictures of Co Di CheFay's Hippy Homer alias "Borus".

Of Deborah I get pictures of Co Di CheFay's Hardbreak Hero alias "Hero".

Of Fam. Huisman I get pictures of Co Di CheFay's Hooligan Harvey alias "Spyke".

Of Björn and Jeanette I get pictures of Co Di CheFay's Gentle Guy Gangster alias "Brutus".

Billy (Co Di CheFay's Diëgo Petit Gally ) its owners are just married en Billy was their best man :-)

Ellen and Ton, congratulations with your marriage!!

The page pictures updated and a new album posted.
Fotoshoot Ernst von Scheven "Honden op de foto"

Ernst has twice made a nice photo shoot of the Bulldogs.

The photo albums of all girls and Chudo are updated.

Enjoy are pregnant!!!, the puppies are expected in March :-)

More info by puppynews

We proudly present our new girl to you "Co Di CheFay's Happy Heaven"

More about Heaven can be found at our Fenchies.

New picthers of puppies from the combination Ulisse de la Renaissance du Phenix and Co Di CheFay's Babe Petit Gally

Co Di CheFay's Fifty-Fifty Co Di CheFay's Freaky Frodo Co Di CheFay's Fantasy Faya
All bosses, thanks for the good care!They looking good!

Happy New Year!