The last time there has been some Co Di CheFay's frenchies to the show.
Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana (Trille) is from Denmark to Netherlands travelled to participate to the WINNER in the RAI in Amsterdam and not without success!
Just like last year Trille is placed in her class with a nice 1st EXCELLENT!
I found it amazing to see that girl again,She has a great character and what she seems much on her mother Enjoy!

Co Di CheFay's Just Joey (Dexter) stood in the ring for the first time in Blijswijk he did very well and got a very nice report with a Very Good.
I hope that Dexter even more go in the ring because it is a beautiful male who definitely an Excellent earned!!

Our Co Di CheFay's Kinky Karma has been in the ring in Zwolle and Utrecht and despite she is no showgirl (she think it's really not fun) she did however good her best and got a very good both times.

Or a bully whether or not a showdog is, I'm super proud of them!!
All these beautiful photos are created by Jerry Anholt,Thank you so much!

Co Di CheFay's Lonely Lord
We are very happy an proud to tell that Lord stay with us.
Lord are a very sweet and easy boy, not only we but also all the girls love him.

Lord get soon his own page.

Iggy have visit his son Lord.

Margriet, Karin and Devon we found it very nice to see you and Iggy, Iggy looks very good, thanks for the good care!

All the photoalbums of all the bullies are updated, there are nice photos posted.

Babe Bella




Also the album of our garden are updated,we have a lot of fun here.

Co Di CheFay's bulletjes
Last week have Co Di CheFay's Just Joey visit his parends Chudo and Happy
Dexter as he called by Matray and Marc get all the goods of his parends, its a lovely and beautiful boy!

Matray and Marc we found it very nice that you guys have been and also Dexter found it very nice, you should do this more often.

Off different owners I have again gotten nice pictures of their Co Di CheFay's bullies.

Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana Co Di CheFay's Gentle Guy Gangster

Co Di CheFay's King Kawasaki enCo Di CheFay's Jackpot Jack
Co Di CheFay's Hooligan Harvey
All owners thank you so much for the photos!

Co Di CheFay's Lonely Lord
Today is Lord already 4 weeks old.
Lord grows well and he is pleasantly satisfied, I have a photo album created of Lord where already several photos in stand,and will regularly new photos in places.
Click here for the photo album.

All information about Lord by puppienews

Puppy born!!
Funny become a mother of a beautyfull son!
Funny are a good mother, the puppie doing great!
All information about this little boy by puppienews.

Puppies expect!!!
We are with Molly and Funny to the veterinarian for an ultra sound.
Molly are not pregnant, but Funny have puppies in her belly!
We expect at the end of August her puppies!

We are very happy and have much sense in.
All information about our puppies are by Puppienews.

Puppies expect!!!
We must have the patience to know for sure, but we are positive, so we are very happy.
The two sisters Molly and Funny both have had a date last week with our boys.
If both are pregnant than we expect at the end of August 2 litters!

We are all anxiously waiting for the puppies from these two combinations.
I've changed the puppie page, all information about these combinations are by "EXPECTED"
We will keep you informed.

Producer iz Palevyh Buldogov
Cherelle been together with Chudo to the show in Uden.
Despite the bad weather, she has had a cozy day
Chudo has a nice first place gotten with a very good.

Chudo his show page is updated.

Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana
Co Di CheFay's Inca Indiana (Trille) been this past weekend to the anniversary show of the French bulldog club in Sweden.
Trille has well done, of the 28 females she become 2nd with an Excellent!!

What seems that girl much on her mother

Trille Enjoy

Birgitte and Peter congratulations with this beautiful results!!

Co Di CheFay's bullies
Of different owners I have again gotten nice pictures of their Co Di CheFay's bullies
It is not the supporters that Netherlands can't win!

Co Di CheFay's Kanjer Kimba (Indy) Co Di CheFay's Excellent Esprit (Faith)

Co Di CheFay's Exculsive Ebony (Cayenne) Co Di CheFay's Keeper Kane (Bink)

Spyke is very happy with his new Boyfriend

Co Di CheFay's King Kawasaki (Boy) Co Di CheFay's Hooligan Harvey (Spyke)

All owners thank you so much that you keep us informed about our puppies!!

Karma and Beauty
The page of our Frenchies is updated
Our two young girls have gotten their own page

Holly, Jacky and Joey
27 May is Ingrid with Holly and Jacky has been to the show in Ísterbybruk in Zweden

Co Di CheFay's Jacky Jazz Co Di CheFay's Hoppla Holly

Holly has done very well, of the 7 females she become 3rd with an Excellent
Jacky are a little show star, She is 1st joined the 8 females and became the best puppie of the show!

Co Di CheFay's Jacky Jazz is a daughter of Producer iz Palevyh Buldogov (Chudo) and Happy de Petit Gally
Ingrid, Congratulations! success at the following shows

Of Matray & Marc I've gotten a nice picture of Dexter
Dexter alias Co Di CheFay's Just Joey is a son of Chudo and Happy

Dexter have the same looks as his dad
I am proud of my puppies!

Chudo and Iggy at the show
Cherelle been with Chudo and Iggy back to the show
19 mei Cherelle and Chudo been to Austria to the World Dog Show 2012
Chudo has great well done, of the 22 males out of his class he has become with a Excellent 8th!
Cherelle has nice pictures made of Chudo in Austria who stand in his photo album

13 mei is Cherelle with Chudo and Iggy been to Belgium to the 75 year anniversary show of the KBKFB
Both guys have gotten a very Good
Iggy his show page I've posted

Our two young girls
We proudly present our two youngest girls for:
Karma and Beauty

Soon they get their own page where all information about their State on

Mother of 23 children and grandmother of 23 grandchildren
And she even have Brazil behind-grandchildren
What a great bull, she is

We are very proud of her

Chudo en Iggy
Cherelle have make nice photos of our boys Chudo and Iggy

Ther photoalbums are updated

Iggy on the Championclubmatch of the HBC
Cherelle and Iggy been to the show, Iggy did his best, the judges give him a Very Good

The show debut of Iggy!
Today is Cherelle with Co Di CheFay's Incredible Iggy been to the show in Leiden.
For Iggy this was the first time in the show ring,Iggy stood in the youth class where 9 males were enrolled.
Iggy got a lovely 3rd place with an Excellent!
Of course we are super proud of this boy

Iggy are a son of Stormee Janoel and Co Di CheFay's Enjoy Erotica

Babe and her son Kawa
Kawa are available for a carefull home

Co Di CheFay's puppies
I have received photos of different puppie-owners of their "puppies"

Co Di CheFay's Hooligan Harvey Co Di CheFay's Hello HippoCo Di CheFay's Extream Elliot

Co Di CheFay's Hoppla Holly Co Di CheFay's Jacky Jazz Co Di CheFay's Excellent Eagle

Co Di CheFay's Fifty-Fifty Co Di CheFay's Fantasy FayaCo Di CheFay's Favorit Fallow

Co Di CheFay's Famous Fernando Co Di CheFay's Hardbreak Hero Co Di CheFay's Excellent Esprit

And also the youngest puppies I've been receive nice messages and photos :-)

Co Di CheFay's Keeper Kane Co Di CheFay's Kanjer KimbaCo Di CheFay's Kibbles Kitty

They all look fabulous!, I am very proud of them
All owners thank you so mutch for the good care!
The Offspring page updated

Some photo albums of our frenchies and the garden are updated

Thank you Esther!!
Esther ( the owner of Co Di CheFay's Amazing Akira) give us a very nice presant for our new house
We were very touched when we get this gift, a name plate with our Enjoy on, He is really beautiful!
Esther Thank you!!!

We are busy with the preparations of our Bullyhotel "BullDorado"
Yesss a another dream comes tru
I have created a new page on the website where all information about BullDorado stand up.
Sorrie this is only in the Dutch language and on the Dutch website
Still curious? Here is the link "BullDorado"

Puppyies off Neo and Babe
The puppies are 2 weeks old now,we have place new photos on the puppiepage