Our frenchies are first medical examined before they are deployed in our breedingprogam,
and after approval deployed for breeding.
If the puppies are born,we raised the small ones with loving and great care in our family,
so they experience a whole cosy time together with us and super socialized before they go to their new Families.

If our puppies are born, they go first upstares to the "nursery room"
After 2/3 weeks the puppies come down in the living room.
The puppies can get used to all the homely "violence" and the puppie visit can then come along.
Permitting the weather, the puppies can iff they are 5 weeks old, playing in the garden.
The puppies are fed with frech meat and Royal Canin puppie Kibbles.
The puppies are dewormed if they 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old.
The first vaccination get the puppies if they are 6 weeks old,also the puppies than completely checked.
The "Raad van Beheer" comes along to the puppies chipping.
Once they are 8 weeks old, they may to the new owners.
If the puppies leave the nest, they are well socialized, they get a FCI (Export)pedigree,European pasport,
disc with photos of the first 8 weeks, Royal Canin Kibbles and meat for the first days, nest hug, toys and more with them.

We have puppies living in the USA, Brazil, Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland,Hungary,Germany, Belgium and afcorse Holland

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